Rensharra Ironstave was an official of Cormyr.[1]


Rensharra's duty was to collect income tax.[1]


In 1480 DR, the Lords' council gathered by Melder Crownrood under the orders of Manshoon designated Rensharra as a target for elimination.

Later Mirt approached her in a trendy dining establishment in Suzail and so discreetly saved her from some assassins.

Some time after she confronted Lady Jalassra Dawningdown about the tax income she need pay to the King. Believing herself offended by Rensharra's attitude lady Dawningdown later sent four men to beaten her.

Mirt however saved her again but soon asked help and protection to Lord Lothan Durncaskyn of Immerford.[1]


Rensharra was a very diligent and paranoid individual, truly honest at heart.[1]


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