Repair injury was an improved version of cure moderate wounds that also alleviated one specific debilitating injury.[1]


The caster had to touch the subject of this spell in order to apply the healing energies. This spell improved the health of the recipient the same amount as the necromantic version of cure moderate wounds and also repaired one wound of a critical or impairing nature. Examples of injuries alleviated by this spell included a broken bone, sprained wrist, twisted ankle, severed tendon, a marled eye, or a mangled ear.[1]

Injuries of a more severe nature, such as a crushed pelvis or a shattered bone or joint could be improved by this spell, but not fully cured. A shattered bone would become merely broken, thus removing the life-threatening or maiming aspect of the severe injury but still requiring a long recuperative period. This spell could not restore severed limbs or completely destroyed body parts.[1]

Only one application of this spell could be used per injury. Further attempts were equivalent to cure moderate wounds.[1]


Verbal and somatic components were all that were required to cast this spell.[1]


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