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Repel vermin, and another version called repel insects, were abjuration spells that created an invisible barrier to keep out unwanted pests.[1][2][3][5]


The area of effect for these spells was a 10 ft (3 m) radius around the spellcaster.[1][2][3][5] The older version of this spell was only effective against normal- and giant-sized true insects, not arachnids like spiders and scorpions.[2][3][5] The newer version worked on all manner of vermin.[1] These spells were proof against all normal pests and some giant versions, but large, determined creatures could breach the barrier, taking damage as they crossed into the protected area.[1][2][3][5]


The newer version of this spell required verbal and somatic components as well as the caster's divine focus or holy symbol.[1] The older version required one of the following: crushed marigold flowers, a crushed leek, crushed stinging nettle leaves, or a small blob of camphor tree resin.[2][3][5]


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