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Reptilla Half-elven was a half-elf woman who dwelt in the Dragonspine Mountains in the early 1360s DR.[1]


She was a highly dexterous mage, and skilled in making poisons.[1] She modified her magical curdled death oil to incapacitate rather than kill, and to evaporate into a breathable substance when exposed to high temperatures.[2][3]


Reptilla and her small dragon familiar, Thsst, dwelt in a cave on the sunnier side of the Dragonspine Mountains. From here, they ambushed animals and lone travelers and used them for Reptilla's experiments with poisons.[1] She daubed her curdled death' on rock faces along mountain paths around her lair. As the stone warmed under the daylight sun, the curdled death activated and knocked out passers-by, so she could take her victims alive.[3]


Reptilla owned a Staff of Serpents, bracers of defense, a cloak of displacement, as well as a vial of curdled death.[1][4]


She lost her Staff of Serpents in the lair of a bronze dragon.[4]


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