Retta Starling was a female human of the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


She attended the Tourney of Talent during the Harvest Fair.[1]


Originally from Neverwinter, Retta came to West Harbor, when she became a widow. Once Lorne lost to Cormick, she became more depressed, as she did not what became of him. Nevertheless, she continued her life with Bevil and other children.

During the Harvest Fair, she attended the Tourney of Talent and would reward the winners with some scrolls. When the bladelings and duergar attacked the village, she barricaded herself, waiting for the Kalach-Cha and Bevil to rescue her children. After the battle, she wanted to know what happened of Lorne. Once the Kalach-Cha defeated Lorne, Retta learned of his son's fate.

After Ammon Jerro passed through the down, she died, but was revived as a shadow once the King of Shadows re-gained its power. She wanted to trick her youngest son to come with her, but was defeated by Kalach-Cha.[1]

Retta has four children - 3 sons Lorne, Bevil and Danan, and a daughter around the age of Danan. Lorne died with the duel with Kalach-Cha or one of his/her companion, Danan died under the attack of King of Shadows's troops, Bevil survived and continued working in Kalach-Cha's Crossroad Keep, and the situation of the daughter was unknown.




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