Reveal magic made the hidden auras of magic visible, much like the spell detect magic. Unlike detect magic, this spell caused all magic in the affected area to glow for all to see, not just the caster.[1]

Reveal magic was considered an uncommon spell in the Realms.[1]


When cast over an area, this spell caused all magical radiations to glow with a bright light about equal to torch light. The caster could affect a radius of several feet around them, depending on their skill level with magic. However, neither the intensity nor the type of magic could be determined using reveal magic.[1]


Dagsumn of Waterdeep created the most common version of this spell. Dagsumn sold the spell to the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors for guild membership and a large amount of gold. Dagsumn would freely sell a copy of the spell to anyone for five hundred gold coins.[1]


Reveal magic was known to the drow, though the drow version required the material component of a pinch of yellow powder.[2]

Reveal magic was also known to the elves and required a somatic component of a small, subtle hand gesture or a flick of the caster's fingers. A soft, blue glow would then show any magic at work.[3]



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