Reveilaein Brant was a rogue member of the Cult of the Dragon in the Dragon Coast region in 1374 DR.[1]


Reveilaein was a young Cult member tasked with the construction of their citadel at the Well of Dragons, working under Vargo Kent. However, while exploring the Well, a group of ogre miners under the command of Wearer of Purple Arleanda found a secret chamber. Arleanda was uninterested but Reveilaein was intrigued and secretly found in the chamber a tablet blessed by the dragon god of secrets Kalzareinad. He discovered that the tablet explained a ritual to turn a half-dragon into a special kind of dracolich called a kaemundar, and sort to transform himself, a mere human.

Knowing that his master Vargo was originally a normal human and had become a half-dragon through another ritual Reveilaein devised a plan and infiltrated his master's room, stealing the scroll detailing this ritual. Vargo immediately sensed the thief and went to stop him but Reveilaein managed to teleport himself away from the Well.

Relocating to Arabel, he searched for a cleric of Kalzareinad in order to use the tablet he had found. Thank to a diviner, he found Morven Vance, a cleric of Kalzareinad and disciple of Maldraedior. Morven agreed to Reveilaein's offer and joined his plot. Later Reveilaein and Morven gathered a retinue of cultists around them and founded a new cell of the Cult of Dragon in the Dragon Coast, planning to use the ritual upon the local dragon turtles. The group settled in an abandoned lighthouse in the area between Teziir and Westgate. They recruited a local wyrmling green dragon called Eldrisithain and more important the dragon turtle Tsenshivah to whom Reveilaein promised the power to kill the local fishermen, which had killed her mate.[1]


Reveilaein was always fascinated with the idea of becoming immortal. He was overambitious, always trying things over his possibilities.[1]


Reveilaein was the apprentice of Vargo Kent but his master did not believe in his capabilities and usually ignored him.[1]


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