Rezmir, or Rezmir the Black, was a halfblack dragon human woman who was the Black Dragon Wyrmspeaker of the reformed Cult of the Dragon under Severin Silrajin. She descended from House Orogoth.


She orchestrated the raid on the town of Greenest.

Later, Rezmir traveled north ahead of the Cult's loot to Castle Naerytar in the Mere of Dead Men, having developed a relationship with the great black dragon Voaraghamanthar. After she went to the Skyreach Castle to deposit the goods that she raided in the hoard of Tiamat but here she was killed by some adventurers recruited to stop the Cult.[3]


She was a fierce and terrible warrior, and she took great pleasure in the pain and torture of her enemies. She was more devoted to Tiamat than to Severin.




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