Rhannon Manycoats was a shopkeeper in Essembra in 1370 DR.[1]


Rhannon managed the Hitching Post store.[1]


Born in Westgate, Rhannon became a thief and joined the Red Blades pirate gang. She operated in Sembia's, Impiltur's, and Chessenta's ports collecting information about the most precious cargo to delivered to her companions. Her thief career came to an end when the Red Blades stole the menagerie of the archmage Saelanth of Telflamm and the wizard in revenge killed all the pirates but Rhannon.

For an entire year she fled through Amn pursued by oozes, gargoyles, stirges, and worse monsters. At last, Saelanth captured Rhannon and decided to toy with her. However, somehow she managed to kill the wizard.

Afterward, Rhannon decided to change her life and settled in Essembra. She was magically disguised as a older woman, and still pursued by the monstrous apprentices of Saelanth.[1]


Rhannon's approach was always calmly sardonic. She knew everything in the town and she always procured for her customers what they needed before they could ask about it.[1]


Ilmeth was Rhannon's friend and promised to help her at need. She had three golems in her shop..[1]



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