Rhaunaguth was a mercenary in Skullport.[1]


Rhaunaguth was the opposite of his greatest rival, Dalagor. He was courageous, passionate, and always ready for a fight. Often, he led his troops into battle personally and cried for all the fallen, inspiring total loyalty in all his subjects.[1]


Rhaunaguth was once a ranger of Silvanus from Tantras. However, after his companions were killed by hill giants near Ravens Bluff, he developed a hatred for giant-kin, vowing to hunt them all to death. In his quest for revenge, he attacked a voadkyn lair, causing a massacre. After this, he lost all his ranger abilities.

He retrained himself as a mercenary and in the following years he worked in Thesk, Sembia, and even Turmish, with his reputation rising and attracting more and more followers. In the end, he settled with his company in Skullport.[1]


Rhaunaguth was the leader of one of the three most powerful mercenary groups in the city.[1]



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