Rhinzen Halnian was a powerful eladrin wizard and the Master of the House of Wonder mage academy in Waterdeep circa 1479 DR.[1]


He spent most of his time tutoring the children of wealthy Waterdhavian families, a task he seemed to find excruciatingly boring. Rhinzen abused the narcotic haepthum.[1]


He held the Songdragon's gorget, a magical item that nullified the effects of Waterdeep's dragonward.


Tennora Hedare, a former pupil, stole the gorget but was caught in the act by Rhinzen. However, he was so intoxicated on haepthum that he mistook Tennora and two other apprentices for devils and called down a meteor swarm on his tower. The tower was destroyed but Rhinzen survived, and was then relieved of his role as Master of the House of Wonder.[1]


Rhinzen had blonde hair and turquoise eyes.[1]



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