Time to smash some DRAGON RIBS!

Ribsmasher was an apparently mad human male monk of Tempus.[1][2]


His apparent madness was simply the excessive zeal of a monk in the service of Tempus.[2]


Ribsmasher was locked up in the ogre Ghellu's Riverguard Keep in 1374 DR. Upon being released by the Kalach-Cha and other adventurers, Ribsmasher attacked his jailers with his bare fists.[1]

Later that year, Ribsmasher was again a captive, this time of a cult of Shar. When freed once more by the Kalach-Cha, he traveled to Crossroad Keep. Once there, he made available his abilities to passing adventurers and any rib-related smashing opportunities they might be able to offer him.[2]




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