Rieltar Anchev (sometimes spelled Reiltar) was the regional leader of the Iron Throne in Baldur's Gate, and the foster father of Sarevok. He killed his wife in front of Sarevok when he was young. He was also a central figure in orchestrating the iron crisis to gain power to the Iron Throne, as well as the doppelganger infiltration of merchant rivals. He was unaware that Sarevok intended to use the ensuing war with Amn to cause monumental slaughter that would cause him to ascend as the new Lord of Murder, taking after his real father.


When Rieltar and Brunos Costak were negotiating a deal with the Knights of the Shield in Candlekeep, Sarevok goaded Gorion's Ward to take the opportunity to eliminate the leaders of the Iron Throne. If Sarevok didn't succeed, he simply had doppelgangers do it in their stead, disguised as the party of Gorion's Ward so that the group would get arrested for murder anyway.[1]



  • Rieltar does not show up in the canonical novel.



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