Righteous might is a transmutation spell that enlarges and strengthens the user.


You grow to double your height, and your gear grows proportionally. This increase has the following effects:

  • You gain a +4 enlargement bonus to Strength.
  • Your size becomes one step larger. That alters your size modifier for AC and attacks (reducing each by 1 if you were originally Tiny, Small, Medium-size, or Large).
  • Mass increases by a factor of eight.
  • Weapons increase in size one step, increasing their damage as shown below. (Key: Old damage → New damage)
    • 1d2 → 1d3
    • 1d3 → 1d4
    • 1d4 → 1d6
    • 1d6 → 1d8
    • 1d8 → 2d6
    • 1d10 → 2d6
    • 1d12 → 2d8

For example, Jozan, a human, casts righteous might. He becomes Large, loses 1 from his AC and base attack bonus, and gains +4 to his Strength score (from 12 to 16), for an additional +2 ability bonus on melee attacks and damage. Additionally, his morningstar is now Large, and it deals 2d6 points of damage instead of 1d8 (plus whatever magical bonuses may apply).

Magical properties of magic items that get bigger do not change.