Rilimbrar was a king of Impiltur.[2]


Rilimbrar was the second son of King Lashilmbrar the Sly.[2] His mother was named Thelmara Rorntarn.[3] His older brother was Imphras III, who never ruled.[2]

Rilimbrar married Ilbritha Eirlthaum in 1297 DR.[3] They were the parents of Sambryl[2] and other daughters but had no sons.[3]


Rilimbrar was born in 1280 DR. Crowned at the age of fourteen years, when his father and older brother were killed in a bandit attack staged by his cousin Thaum, Rilimbrar waited for two years to rule, while his uncle Crown Prince Kuskur sat on the throne in his place as regent. Rilimbrar was forced to flee to Aglarond in 1295 DR when Thaum attacked Impiltur and defeated his army at the Battle of Five Heads.[4] He returned in 1296 DR to rule after Thaum was killed.[2]

Since he had no sons, he established a Council of Lords to rule the kingdom after his death, which occurred in 1338 DR during a mysterious fire. At that point, his eldest daughter Sambryl became regent.[2]



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