Rilitar Shadow-water was an elven wizard in Thentia during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


In 1373 DR, Rilitar was among a cabal of humanoid wizards in Thentia who studied the Dracorage mythal. He continued their studies despite many troubles, the last of which was their draconic ally Samdralyrion going crazy. After this incident, the avariel Taegan Nightwind and faerie dragon Jivex suspected that inside their group was a spy sent by Sammaster, and that this agent was responsible for the death of one of the wizards.

Taegan and Jivex discovered that the killer was a chasme and that Rilitar was its next objective, but managed to save the life of the elven wizard. After more investigations and another death among the wizards, it was discovered that the traitor was a sunwyrm posing as a human wizard, Phourkyn One-Eye. In the battle against the sunwyrm, Rilitar and his fellows supported Taegan and Jivex, and Phourkyn was destroyed. However, soon after, Rilitar died from the wounds he'd sustained during the fight.[1]




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