Riliyyn Scantshar, or Riliyyr Scantshar, was a human woman of the hamlet of Sevenecho in the Vast and matriarch of the Scantshar family in the late 1360s DR.[2][1]


Riliyyn was an elderly woman by 1367 DR. Though she was known for her kindness, she and the rest of the Scantshar family were distrusted and treated with slight suspicion by other folk of Sevenecho. This was largely due to Riliyyn's skills as a wizard.[1][2]


Riliyyn was a wizard of some accomplishment.[1] In an emergency or trouble at The Worried Wyvern, Sevenecho's inn, Riliyyn could be called upon by Beliot Sevenecho to provide magical assistance.[2]

Given Riliyyn's seniority and authority, she may also be a member of the council of elders that governs the hamlet of Sevenecho.

Riliyyn once made a study of the orc- and monster-infested Glorming Pass north of Sevenecho, and theorized that some evil entity, likely a wizard, a lich, or possibly even an alhoon, dwelled in nearby parts of the Earthfast Mountains. She also believed that it kept a deepspawn in the area to spawn creatures that would discourage explorers from finding its lair.[3]





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