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Rinda was the author of the Cyrinishad and the True Life of Cyric.[1]


Rinda genuinely cared for people around her, especially those less fortunate. She was very serious in her duty to keep secret the Cyrinishad, in order to keep it out of evil hands.[1]


Rinda was born to a scribe in Zhentil Keep and grew up in a slum. In 1368 DR, her father failed to create a magic book for the god Cyric and out of desperation said that Rinda was more able than him. Cyric's minions abducted her and made Rinda write the Cyrinishad. Noticing her talents, the gods Oghma, Mystra, and Mask instructed Rinda to also write the True Life of Cyric to counterbalance the evil of the Cyrinishad. In the end, the plotting around the two books caused the destruction of Zhentil, but thanks to Oghma's protection Rinda managed to escape, with orders to keep the Cyrinshad away from all gods. From that day, Rinda wandered Toril.[1]




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