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A ring of feather falling was a common magical ring that protected the wearer from injury or death from falling.[1]


Rings of feather falling were crafted with an intricate feather pattern around the whole ring.[1] Although not required for their construction, the rings were often decorated with malachite, because common folk believed (erroneously[3]) that the stone had gravitational intervention powers.[4]

Rings of feather falling gave off a faint transmutation aura. They typically sold for 2,200 gold pieces.[1]


The ring automatically activated the same effect as the feather fall spell, whenever the wearer dropped suddenly more than five feet (150 centimeters),[1] causing him or her to drop slowly like a feather.[5]


Such a ring could be made by anyone trained in the art of crafting magic rings who also knew how to cast the spell feather fall.[1]

Notable WearersEdit


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