Ripper was a fiendish displacer beast who served the drow blackguard, Zedarr T'sarran.[1]


Much larger than most displacer beasts, Ripper was as big as a dire tiger. Due to its fiendish heritage, Ripper had rust-red fur instead of the typical black.[1]


He was fiercely loyal to and well-trained by his master, Zedarr T'sarran. Ripper would often coordinate his movements to best aid his master, especially in combat.[1]


Alert and agile yet much bigger and stronger than others of his kind, Ripper was a fearsome specimen. Like all displacer beasts, Ripper could displace its form, thereby making it harder to ascertain its true location. Additionally, Ripper's fiendish heritage made it much more resistant to ordinary weapons, cold, fire, and even magical attacks. Furthermore, it could imbue its own attacks with power that was devastating to goodly creatures.[2]


Ripper served his master, Zedarr T'sarran, to the best of his ability.[1]


In 1372 DR, during the Silence of Lolth, Ripper traveled with Zedarr T'sarran from Maerimydra to Szith Morcane. Upon arrival, the drow settlement was taken over by Dorina T'sarran and Ripper was set the task of guarding Zedarr's quarters in House Morcane.[1]


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