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Ritual of Purification.

In ancient times the guardian was created to protect Illefarn. If the time has come to dismantle our great instrument, you will be an agent of its destruction” -Ritual Statue, Neverwinter Nights 2

History Edit

The Ritual of Purification was presented in the game "Neverwinter Nights 2" as a "safety ward" developed by the Illefarn Empire to destroy, or severely diminish its guardian, who became the evil King of Shadows. The Ritual of Purification was created by the dwarven priest Annaeus, who was credited as the creator of the Guardian. The Ritual of Purifcation is granted by 5 different statues, 4 being situated in the now ruined city of Arvahn. and one being located in an Illefarn temple in the Mere of the Dead Men. Each statue grants a powerful ritual blessing, that is designed to fight the shadow that the Guardian casts, each ritual power is capable of causing great harm to him, and able to undo the damage that he inflicts. Also, when the complete ritual is preformed as close to him as possible, it is capable of undoing his basic design as the Illefarn Guardian, thus making him vulnerable to permanent destruction. Annaeus led the priesthood and sorcerers and Wizards of Illefarn to preform the ritual to destroy the Guardian, however, this failed, as parts of the group were not "united in purpose", as some members, old friends of the man who became the Guardian, tried to reason with him, despite what they believed, the Guardian was not the man whom they knew. With this division in the group, the Guardian was able to destroy his assailants. The ritual was then preformed by the Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep and the Warlock Ammon Jerro against the Guardian, who was then soundly defeated and destroyed for all time.

Powers granted Edit

There were five different powers which were used to make the guardian more vulnerable to more mundane attacks. Each of the powers was stored inside a statue in the shape of an elven maiden. Each statue could only (bar one) be accessed by passing a specific test in accordance to the specifics of that power. Once that test was passed, the statue would grant the power. Their use outside battling the Guardian is generally more limited and could only be used once a day, though could still be used when there is a need to do so, and generally the powers are more potent the stronger the individual casting them.

Aurora Chain

This power grants extra attack and damage bonus against opponents of an evil alignment for five rounds for the caster as well as his/her allies, with an extra point of attack and damage every four levels of the caster.

Cleansing Nova

This offensive power creates a five meter wide immobile cylinder of light which can engulf hostile outsiders and undead and cause 1 point of fire damage per character level every second for four second. This power can work in tandem with Web of Purity in which victims trapped in the web will be also subject to the damage of Cleansing Nova if the ability is cast on one trapped undead/outsider.

Shining Shield

This is a defensive power which allows the caster to erect a multi-coloured shield of light for him/herself and his/her allies for two rounds in which those affected would be granted full negative energy protection plus 3 points of cold resistance for every two levels of the caster. This is perhaps the most limited of the powers granted, as its relatively short duration would only offer a temporary protection against spellcasters, though against the King of Shadows is highly valuable as it would protect against the King’s devastating Cradle of Rime spell.

Soothing Light

This is a power which allows the caster to conjure a prismatic light which would grant the caster and his/her allies effective regeneration for five rounds. The damage healed is one point per lever of the caster for every round of the power. Also, the caster and his/her allies are purged of negative energy effects, such as level or ability drain.

Web of Purity

This power grants the caster the ability to create a colourful, 30 foot web of light which traps and holds any outsider or undead that fails to make a save (Will save against DC of 10 plus half the caster’s level and intelligence modifier) for three rounds. If used in conjunction with Cleansing Nova, all held undead and outsiders would suffer the effects of Cleansing Nova.

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