The River Rauthenflow was a waterway in northern Mulhorand known for possessing an exceptionally fast current.[1][note 1] The Rauthenflow connected Gbor Nor in the Hordelands with the Alamber Sea.[2]


The River Rauthenflow moved swiftly west from its origins in Murghôm to empty into the Alamber Sea at the falls of Rauthgor. The region surrounding the waterway was arid, and the only river crossing was a bridge located at Rauthil.[1]

Geographical featuresEdit


These falls, located near the mouth of the River Rauthenflow, were considered one of the most spectacular sites in Faerûn.[1]


The area surrounding the River Rauthenflow was inhospitable to most habitation. Despite this, various monsters called this region home. The falls of Rauthgor were known to be frequented by a notable population of mermaids.[1]


The entire length of the river was navigable due to efforts from the ancient empires of Mulhorand and Imaskar. These massive projects added canals around cataracts, fortified the soft banks with stone, and cleared rapids of large rocks.[2]

The Rauthenflow was a vital source of income for Murghôm since they applied a tax to any vessel sailing its waters.[2]

Due to the high volume of river traffic, pirates were virtually unheard of on the Rauthenflow.[2]

Notable locationsEdit


This settlement boasted a bridge recognized as the only crossing of the River Rauthenflow.[1]



  1. The bold heading on page 15 of the first edition of Old Empires reads River Rauthengflow, while the rest of the source spells the river, Rauthenflow.


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