The River Redrun was a river in Luruar.[1]


The River Redrun began in the Druarwood and flowed southeast past the Moonwood and the Night Trees through the Moonlands. It flowed past Citadel Felbarr and joined another river from the Rauvin Mountains to form the River Rauvin in the Sundabar Vale, north of Sundabar. The trail between Citadel Felbarr and Sundabar crossed the Redrun outside of Citadel Felbarr.[1]


In 1484 DR, the Knights in Silver of Silverymoon planned to turn away the armies of Many-Arrows at the Redrun Ford (also known as the Crossing of the Redrun). However, the Knights in Silver found themselves outnumbered 6-to-1 and were slaughtered.[2] The Many-Arrows forces were aided by the magic of Ravel Xorlarrin and his drow forces.[3]





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