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The River Rimril was a river in eastern Amn that was a part of the Esmelflow.[1]


The river began somewhere in the Troll Mountains. It poured over Eldath's Mount at the Green Goddess Falls and into Duskwood Dell. From there, it flowed into the Snakewood.[2]

When it emerged from the Snakewood, it flowed southwest to Eshpurta. There it merged with Trifin Creek and together they joined the Amstel River. Serpent's Tail was a local name for this river because it flowed out of the south end of Snakewood.[3]



Map of Eshpurta showing the River Rimril

During the Shoon Empire, this river flowed through the elvish land of Arundath, the Quiet Forest (as Snakewood was then known). Shoon VII was collecting unicorn horns and slaughtered all the elves who tried to protect them.[3] It was said that the River Rimril flowed red with their blood. For years, fishermen could still find some jewelry and trinkets on their hooks.[1]



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