The River Talar was a river in the Shaar and Lapaliiya in southwest Faerûn.[1][2][4][3][5][6]


The River Talar was fed by both the Shaar and Channath rivers near Shaareach and drained thus much of the plains of the Shaar. From this joining, the Talar flowed along the southern fringe of the Shaar, where it rounded the Wyrmbones, ran through the Misty Vale and the Dun Hills and finally emptied into Talar Bay and the Shining Sea.[1][2][4][5][7][6]


Hundreds of miles long, for most of its length, the Talar was wide and slow moving. However, in its last 10 miles (16 kilometers), it rushed through a high, narrow gorge, called the Cliffs of Talar. It was almost unnavigable between here and its mouth at Talar Bay.[6]


A tribe of merrow and scrags dwelled in the gorge, ranging out to hunt in the waters of Talar Bar. The armies of Lapaliiya had made regular but unsuccessful efforts to drive them out before 1372 DR.[6]


The only bridge across the Talar was the Mouth of Istishia on the Lapal Way.[6]

The capital of Lapaliiya, Sheirtalar, sat on its north bank in Talar Bay, while the city of Sheirlantar sat beside the river in the western Dun Hills.[1][2][4][5][6]



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