The River of Swords served as the border between the lands of Mulhorand and Unther. This river is divided into upper and lower portions at the ruins of Sekras.[1]

Upper SwordEdit

The Upper Sword flows from the ruins of Sekras to the Alamber Sea. Many farms can be found on the river's banks, which flood annually. Flat-bottomed boats navigate the Upper Sword, serving as transport between the settlements on both sides.[1]

Lower SwordsEdit

The Lower Swords refer two two seperate rivers, the Blue Sword and the Green Sword, that converge at the ruins of Sekras. The Blue Sword is composed of fresh water, and lies entirely in the nation of Unther. The Green Sword flows from the Great Salt Lake, and is considered too salty to drink.[1]


The banks of the Upper Sword are inhabited primarily by farmers. The Lower Swords are sparsely populated, home to a handful of hermits and wizards, as well as a small yet notable quantity of sphinxes. The ruins of Sekras are known for its population of werecrocodiles.[1]

Places of InterestEdit

Ruins of Sekras 
Once the center of the cult of Sebek, this settlement was destroyed by followers of the deity Osiris. It was later home to a substantial population of werecrocodiles.[1]



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