Rivermoot was a very small town in the Lower Rauvin Vale in the Silver Marches, nestled on the trail between the High Hold and Nesme. It sat between the northern bank of the River Rauvin and the River Surbrin, at the foot of the Frost Hills south of the Spine of the World mountains.

It was protected by a sturdy palisade on its east side, and by the two rivers on its south and north-west sides, making it defensible. However, during spring, it suffered destructive floods from the two rivers. Therefore, the majority of buildings were built standing on pilings at least 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground.

The town was officially a part of Silverymoon's lands and a protectorate of the League of the Silver Marches. In this capacity, it benefited from the League's common defense and trade agreements, while being unable to support the League itself.[1]


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