The Rock of Bral was one of the asteroids making up the Tears of Selûne,[2][3] which orbited the planet Toril behind its moon Selûne.[5]


The Rock was ruled by Prince Andru,[4] grandson of a bandit king named Cozar, but several other factions wielded power as well.[1]


Gamalon Idogyr of Tethyr lived on Bral for several decades in the 14th century and met and married his wife Mynda there.[3] Gamalon maintained a curio shop on the Rock. Elminster Aumar and Haedrak Rhindaun III had also traveled there on occasion to visit him.[6]


Despite the Rock being a haven for pirates, it was also home to the only temple to Tyr, god of justice, in Realmspace that did not lie on the planet of Toril. The Pantheist Temple of Tyr was home to priests who held a number of non-standard religious views, but nevertheless they felt compelled to fight crime and injustice wherever they found it. Thus, they waged a number of crusades and wars on crime on the Rock of Bral. Needless to say, the Tyrrans and their god were not popular on Bral.[2]


Rock of Bral cuisine had some unique dishes. The kitchen in Harper's Hold, lying in Waterdeep, Toril, had cookbooks with recipes from all over the Realms and other worlds, including from the Rock of Bral.[7]




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