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A rod is a scepterlike magical device that have unique magical powers. Anyone can use a rod.


Rods are popular in Mulhorand[1] Dreadmasters of Bane have a special affinity for rods, and often create them.[2] It's known that some spellcasters carry rods in sheaths on their hips.[3]

Known rodsEdit

After the SpellplagueEdit

The Spellplague changed the nature of rods in the Realms.[4] Rods, which are much like larger wands, are a type of magical implement most commonly used by warlocks but sometimes by artificers as well. Infused with dark, eldritch energy rods often possess the touch of some creature with which a warlock has formed a pact. As such, many rods are particularly potent in the hands of specific warlocks, who have forged the appropriate pacts with outsiders.[citation needed]


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