A rod of cats was a magical rod that granted powers associated with felines and thievery.[1]


It was a black wooden staff 7 feet (2.1 meters) in length, with a carved cat's head on a knob at one end.[1]


It could be wielded as a +1 quarterstaff. When held, the rod of cats greatly improved the wielder's ability to climb, hide, move stealthily, and see in low light conditions.[1]

Once per day, the wielder could use the rod to cast darkness, but only upon the rod. Anyone holding the rod of cats was immune to this spell's effects.[1]

There was a hidden compartment in the rod but it was only large enough to hold a scroll or some thieves' tools.[1]


Creation of this rod required the spells cat's grace, darkness, darkvision, and spider climb.[1]


The rod was worth 25,000 gold pieces.[1]



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