Rolf Sunriver was the Chief Constable of Ravens Bluff[1] from 1352 DR -- ?


(The "current year" for the people and events in Gateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living City is just before the Time of Troubles, approximately 1356 -- 1357 DR.)

Rolf is 5'9" tall and weighs 180 pounds; compact and muscular. His elvish heritage shows in the slight point to his ears and his unusually bright green eyes, otherwise he looks human. His skin is tanned from many years of outdoor life. He wears elven chain mail but does not carry a shield. His badge of office is displayed predominantly on his surcoat and on the back of his hooded cape.[1]


The moniker "Sunny" is satirical because Rolf is usually quiet, watchful, and impassive. He has a sense of humor which ranges from dry to bawdy depending on his mood. He pays close attention to detail and is a good investigator. He dislikes paperwork and would rather make the rounds, checking on his men and keeping a finger on the pulse of the city. He is extremely dedicated to his job and cannot be bribed. If he discovers corruption within the ranks, he first gives a direct warning, and if that fails he makes an arrest. He is a superb fighter, constantly honing his skills and training his men, drilling them in technique as well as the laws of the city.[1]


Rolf is the son of a human mercenary and an elvish woman. Raised among elves until he was 30, he felt uncomfortable as a half-breed and set out to seek his own way. He traveled the world for the next 30 years working as a mercenary, caravan escort, foot soldier, and even cavalry officer. He passed through Ravens Bluff several times and made some friends there before he decided to settle down in one place. Over the course of the next 15 years he advanced in rank from an officer of the watch to senior constable. He made enemies in the thieves' guild when he began shutting down smuggling operations in the warehouse district, and despite their efforts to get rid of him he is still standing and they now conduct business out of his purview. The guild tried to block his appointment to Chief Constable by bribing some members of the Council of Lords but he exposed the plot which insured his getting the post. His superior is the Lord Marshal but in practice the Marshal allows Rolf to report directly to the Lord Mayor.[1]



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