Rolivar Brimbruir was a cleric of Chauntea with the rank of Trueseed[3] that resided in the Bounty of the Goddess temple in Voonlar.[1][2]


Rolivar was a burly man with bushy brown hair that was mostly concentrated on the sides of his face and mustache as he slowly went bald. He periodically shaved off his mustache, every few months or so.[1][2]


He was loud and boisterous, friendly to everyone, and loved to laugh. He told jokes that made even the most dour Cyricists in town chuckle.[1][2]


Rolivar was an accomplished brewmaster, specializing in beer made from barley.[1][2]


In addition to his temple duties and brewing, he was a courier for Mother of the Harvest, Lady Shrae, occasionally shuttling correspondence between her and High Harvestmistress Glamerie Windbough of the House of Plenty in Shadowdale. On these trips he was usually accompanied by about eight temple guards, all mounted and heavily cloaked (possibly from scrying). As a precaution, they checked in with Bron Buorstag Hlammythyl or his deputies to ensure no mistakes were made about their right to travel to and from Shadowdale.[1][4]


Rolivar was a popular guy because of his beer and sense of humor. Even the clergy of Cyric got along with him.[1][2]


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