Rorskryn Mreldrake was a former War Wizard of Cormyr in Suzail.[1]


Around 1479 DR, he was held in thrall by Manshoon. Together with understeward Corleth Fentable, Rorskryn was summoned by Manshoon to the shop of Immaero Sraunter to receive his orders.

Later Alusair Obarskyr revealed to king Foril Obarskyr I the treason of Mreldrake; however Corleth was in the room and so Manshoon accomplished the fact.

Under his master's compulsion Rorskryn went thought a gate to Marsember, where he polymorphed himself in a young female called Mythandra that want sail to Turmish, without any memory of his life as Rorskryn.[1]

In 1480 DR he went back to Suzail to bargain an agreement with a mysterious cabal of renegade shadovar.

The cabal forced Mreldrake to kill from distance many others War Wizards using a new kind of magic he had discovered.

At last he was uncovered as the killer inside Castle Irlingstar by Elminster's party and Jarlin Flamtarge, one of the Manshoon's bodies. At last his cabal protectors were killed by Elminster and Mreldrake died.[2]


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