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A rosecork was a type of tree found in Faerûn.

Rosecork wood was durable and extremely resistant to fire. It absorbed such a great concentration of water that open flames could not ignite it, short of exposure to a very hot flame for some hours. For these properties, it was commonly used in construction.

The rosecork was native to the Isle of Prespur in the Sea of Fallen Stars, and was used to these warmer climes. However, Sarliman Eurdoe, an entrepreneur of Wheloon in Cormyr, imported the rosecork for its valuable properties and the trees went on to flourish by the southern tributaries of the Wyvernflow. Bryn Ohme Thornwood mentioned the rosecork as an example of an introduced plant species that had no significant impact on the existing environment.[1][2]


Rosecork trees were found growing in the following places:


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