Roushoum, also called Imaskari,[1] was the ancient language of the Imaskari people.[2]


Roushoum was still spoken deep in the Underdark by the survivors of the Imaskari Empire, the Deep Imaskari.[3]

Related LanguagesEdit

Roushoum was the major language of the Imaskari languages family.[4] Its many varied descendants included the languages of the Durpari and the various Tuigan dialects, including Raumvira. It had strong influences on the Rauric family of languages as well.[2]

The modern variations of Roushoum spoken in the Hordelands were broken down into three subgroupings of languages for convenience: the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Imaskari languages.[5][4]


Roushoum was written using the Imaskari alphabet.[6][2]



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