The Ruby Rod of Asmodeus is a formidable weapon of evil possessed by the archdevil, Asmodeus.


The ruby rod glistens with an unimaginable, unearthly luster. Rumors suggest that the value of its gems alone is worth more than one million gold pieces. It is considered a Greater Artifact.


If wielded in melee the ruby rod functions as a +6 unholy greatclub. It bestows an inflict critical wounds upon any target it hits. Any being that touches the ruby rod against Asmodeus's will is also subject to the inflict critical wounds.

The ruby rod also has the following supernatural abilities. Asmodeus can use them at will. Anyone else in possession of the ruby rod can use them once per day.

  • Line of Lightning - 150ft (45m) long, 10ft (3m) wide.
  • Line of Acid - 300ft (90m) long, 5ft (1.5m) wide.
  • Cone of Cold - 75ft (22,5m) long.
  • Aura of Might - There is a chance that anyone attempting to make a melee attack against the wielder of the ruby rod will be forced to bow down, helpless for 1 round.
  • Reverie of Nessus - instantly encases the wielder in a 5ft (1.5m) radius wall of force, and the 50ft (15m) radius area around that sphere becomes an antimagic field. This effect lasts for about 18 seconds. At first, the wielder is purged of any unwanted enchantments. Then he or she is purged of any diseases, poisons, or physical maladies. Finally the wielder is fully healed and feels as though he or she has rested for a full day (Asmodeus can only use this magical rest once per day.)[1]

References Edit

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