Rudiments of the Shadow Weave was a controversial book about Sharran doctrine and the Shadow Weave, written by the wizard Vontallion Rose.[1]


Rudiments of the Shadow Weave contained a series of prose essays about the wonders and doctrine of the Goddess of Darkness in addition to instructions on how to tap into the power of the Shadow Weave. It also included complete formulae for several Shadow Magic versions of spells, including:[1]

Some copies of the very large book were bound in a fine black leather cover with fake golden wire designs.[1]


The book was written by the infamous archmage Vontallion Rose.[1]


The book was highly controversial—a person caught owning a copy could be blackballed by the churches of Azuth and Mystra as well as by other arcane organizations.[1]

Notable ownersEdit

Zembrath Klun and his wife Thalis owned a copy of the book. It was kept on a bookshelf in their bedroom. Unknown to them, their daughter Selice Klun stole the pages of the book for herself.[1]




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