Ruggedo was the deep gnome king of Deepearth in the Underdark in the Barony of Bloodstone in 1357 DR.


Ruggedo ruled Deepearth until the duergar led by the demon lord Orcus seized the city. He lived with his people in exile until 1357 DR when he planned with Gareth Dragonsbane's party on how to regain the city.[1]

After regaining his city, Ruggedo swore eternal friendship to Gareth.[2] Later he joined the council that ruled the Barony.[3]

In 1359 DR, the gnomes had regained control of the city and worked with the dwarves of the Orothiar Clan in order to exploit bloodstone mines.[4] Ruggedo was pondering to join the Alliance of Belt Watchers.[5]



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