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Ruler's Ridge, or Calim's See, was a peak in the Marching Mountains. It was one of the locations where the bakkals of Coramshan were buried and then the site of a great genie battle.[1]


Ruler's Ridge was located in the northern Marching Mountains[2] near Minthrux Vale and Bottle Falls, where the Two Falls River began.[3] It was once called Calim's See. At that time, the mountain was some 500 feet taller. A great avalanche turned what used to be a large, conical mountain into a jagged-edged peak.[1]


Calim's See was once the burial site of choice for the bakkals of Coramshan and the rulers of the first seven dynasties of Calimshan.[1][2] After being mummified in the First Necropolis of Nykkar, the dead were carted up a road around the mountain and through a set of golden doors in a cliff-side.[1]

The entrance to the tombs was lost to time, buried beneath rock and earth in −1990 DR, when a group of more than six djinn, efreet, and dao fought in the mountains in a battle that lasted months and led to the death of a noble dao. The magical battle cleft the mountain in two and shattered its peak, burying the entrance to the tombs and the road leading up to it.[1]


A gluttonous aurumvorax that was as large as a dragon was rumored to live on the mountain.[1]



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