Rumpadump was a myconid sprout in Gracklstugh during the Rage of Demons.[as of when?][1]


Rumpadump was very introverted, preferring to hang back and not use its rapport spores unless absolutely necessary. It was concerned that Voosbur's "strange spores" had affected the rest of myconid community.[1]


Rumpadump was Stool's buddy, despite it being as shy as Stool was outgoing.[1]


Rumpadump lived in Neverlight Grove in the "troupe" of Voosbur. Directed by Zuggtmoy's will, Voosbur led its troupe to Gracklstugh to collect bigwig and pygmywort mushrooms. Rumpadump was the only one that remained free from Zuggtmoy's corruption.[1]




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