A runehammer was a magical warhammer. There were three common types of runehammer: Alhalbrin, Faerindyl, and Thundaril.[1]


A large rune was marked on the head of a runehammer, indicating the spell it carried and giving the item its name.[1]


A runehammer was a magic +1 warhammer that was made from darksteel, so imparted a little electricity on impact.[1]

It had the ability to cast a single spell once per day, but the spell was the same each time, stored in the hammer. There were three common types of runehammer: Alhalbrin carried heat metal; Faerindyl carried burning hands; and Thundaril carried polymorph other, often into either a snail or toad.[1]


Forging a runehammer required the spell that was stored in the weapon.[1]


Depending on the type of spell stored, the hammer could be worth between 11,000 and 18,000 gold pieces.[1]


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