A rust monster was an aberration that corroded and ate metal.[4] They were favored by the Mulhorandi god Geb, the dwarven god Abbathor, the gnomish god Flandal Steelskin, and the Duergar gods Laduguer and Deep Duerra.[5]

Physical descriptionEdit

A rust monster was the size of a small pony, with four insectlike legs and a squat, humped body. Its hide was thick and lumpy and was yellowish tan on the belly and rust-red on the back. Its tail ended in what looked like a double ended paddle. Two long antennae come out of its head, one under each eye.[4]


A rust monster had a weak bite and did not normally attack with it.[4] They attacked anyone who had metal, however, with their antennae. The touch of an antenna could turn even magical metal items into rust.[4]


Rust monsters ate the rust of freshly rusted metal objects.[4]


A rust monster could smell metal from ninety feet away. They always went for the biggest source of metal first, and preferred ferrous metals over precious ones.[4]


Rust monster antennae were used in the creation of rust blades. They found these items extremely delicious and nourishing.[6]



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