Rysellan the Dark was a wizard from Calimshan and the founder of the Twisted Rune.[3]


Rysellan the Dark was an aging wizard from Calimshan when he founded the Twisted Rune in 864 DR. He intended it to be a secret consortium of wizards that would be the true power behind all rulers of the Lands of Intrigue.[1]

In 1182 DR, Rysellan gained the trust of Wyvorlaa, the court wizard of Tethyr, and the Twisted Rune gained influence over Tethyrian politics as a result. However, the work of Rysellan and his closeness with Wyvorlaa caused jealously amongst the Rune's other members, and in 1188 DR, three other liches accused Rysellan of divulging secrets. The ensuing battle destroyed Rysellan and two of his three lich apprentices, their phylacteries destroyed—only Kartak Spellseer would survive. This was also a major setback for the Twisted Rune's influence in Tethyr, as Wyvorlaa was uncovered and executed.[2]


Iryklathagra, a powerful blue dragon, had a set of nine matched king's tears crystals in her hoard, each depicting one of the founding liches of the Twisted Rune. These gems were known as Rysellan's tears collectively and were supposedly worth 75,000 gp together. It was unknown if these were once owned by Rysellan or simply named after him.[4]


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