The Saas, or "Shields", were the collection of mountain ranges that surrounded the Great Glacier and isolated it from the rest of Toril.[1]


The icy mountains of the Saas towered over the lands of the Great Glacier. They rose to elevations of thousands of feet above sea level. At their narrowest parts, each range was many miles wide.[1]

Three separate ranges composed the Saas, the Tuutsaas Chain in the west, the Lugsaas Chain in the south, and the Angsaas Chain in the east.[1]

Most of the mountains of the Saas—as was the case with the other mountain ranges of the Glacier—were made of nearly solid ice, formed during the creation of the Glacier.[1] This permafrost was at least 2,000 feet (610 meters) thick in most places.[2]

The Saas had few passes—most would only be attempted by risk-taking explorers.[1]

Flora & FaunaEdit

Remorhaz lived in all three of the Saas in great numbers, in tunnels below the mountains. Some thus considered them the "gatekeepers" of the Great Glacier.[3]



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The Saas
The Shields of the Great Glacier