Saed was a vampire and the preeminent beast chieftain of Veldorn.[2][3]


Saed was a melancholy character, always thinking about his lost fortune. He found peace only when he used his powers to mediate the beast chieftains' disputes.[3]


Sometimes Saed thieved off the Shining South caravans that traveled Veldorn. He normally mediated all disputes between his fellow beast chieftains, thanks to his abilities and his psionic powers.[3]


Once Saed was a member of Chakka Baroda and the wealthiest merchant of Turelve. Thus, as a Durpari custom, he was also elected nawab. Saed became more and more powerful but did not want to share his wealth with his chaka fellows. So he discreetly started searching for a way to achieve immortality.

One day, a very friendly visitor arrived in his court, offering immortality in exchange for an oath to Shar. Saed agreed and the visitor conduced him to Vaelen, where he turned Saed into a vampire slave. Later, he went back to his city as a puppet of his master. When his chaka discovered the matter, they sent adventurers to kill the vampires but skew only Saed's master. Saed survived and escaped. Afterward, Chakka Baroda put out a story about his disappearance and continued to rule.

Saed went back to Vaelen and settled there. In time, the surrounding beast chieftains started to appreciate his diplomatic skills and soon Saed became the arbiter of all disputes in Veldorn. He also convinced the other beast chieftains to make a mutual alliance to destroy outside invasions.[3]





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