Lady-Consort Saesaan Aelorothi was a fey'ri wizard-thief of House Aelorothi of Siluvanede and a member of the daemonfey in 1369 DR.[1]


She was constantly cloaked in writhing, shifting shadows.[1]


As a fey'ri, Saesaan had the unique powers to cast dimension door, ESP, and darkness, 15' radius once a day each, and was resistant to poison.[1]


Saesaan was the consort of Lord Pharnth Aelorothi. She won his respect and her place by his side by bypassing his magical wards and stealing his most valued spellbook.[1]


Saesaan's duty was to acquire arcane lore and powerful magic items for the daemonfey. She reported directly to Sarya Dlardrageth.[1]


Saesaan had an excessive passion for intrigues and betrayals, even for a fey'ri, and for this was hated by most of her fellows.[1]



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