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The Saga of the Dragon Queller (Sal Hotun Wyrmrever in its original Jotun) is an ancient giant ballad composed by Hrotun, written partially about the hero Hjurnur Wyrmrever and partially about himself. Amongst other feats, Hrotun snaps a dragon's backbone over his knee, ends up allowing the dragon queen to eat his child after losing a riddle contest, and drowns a dragon king in its own blood.

I pour mead to the All-Father for
Hrjurnur, son of Hjurgen,
leveler of Ranauroch,
son of Ottar,
Jarl of the northern wind-teeth,
son of grand Annam,
All Seeing, All Knowing, All Quelling,
All Father —
Mighty reaver of the wyrm's core,
He who howled at the sun,
He of the quenched heart,
He who drowned in the river of swords,



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