Sahu was a large island in the Crowded Sea to the southwest of Afyal.[2]


Like in other places in the Ruined Kingdoms area of Zakhara, ancient ruins dotted the jungles and mountains, which were left here by two fallen empires: the worshipers of Thasmudyan of old and, following it, the New Dynasty of the Necromancer Kings. Many dark secrets and dangers to would-be adventurers hid in land and buildings.


Sahu was also called the "Isle of Serenity". "Sahu" itself was a word in the dead language of Kadari and can be loosely translated as "Serene Eternity", meaning nothing else but "death".

Notable locationsEdit

Two places of modern habitation, the villages of Misbahd and Jinutt, were located on the island's northern shore. The inner part of the island consisted of a wooded plateau with a mountain range called the Vishap's Spine along the center.[3]



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Further readingEdit

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