Saldashune's Mirror was a divination ritual created by Saldashune. It was created to help remember specific details of memories, regardless of whether the person was able to fully recall them or not.[1]


A group of wizards and a specially prepared room were necessary to condict this ritual, as well as the person who needed to remember. This person did not participate in the ritual but stood in the center of the room, trying to recall the information needed. Once started, the ritual could not be stopped until the specific memory was recalled, as the wizards entered into a trance state. The memory was showed in a magic circle that appeared floating in mid-air, so a volunteer would be able to record what was showed.[2]

Although the ritual was able to retrieve whatever memory was needed, if the memory contained something or someone warded or of supernatural origin, the countermagic effect could damage the person remembering. It could even killing him or her if the ritual wasn't stopped by the people watching the magic circle or the person wasn't dragged away from the center of the room.[2]


In 1479 DR, the Brotherhood of the Griffon, with the help of a few Chessentan wizards and the dragonborn paladin Medrash performed the ritual in order to uncover a serial killer that was at large in Luthcheq.[2]


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