Saluqi greyhounds were unique canines found within the Haunted Lands where the jann used them for hunting, particularly the jann of Amir Heidar Qan.[1][2]


Saluqi had black hides that covered their sleek bodies. Grey marks could be found on their fur. Their heads were long and thin, making them more streamlined when sprinting.[1]


Saluqi preferred to hunt and fight in packs during the night where they could use their infravision and quick attack speed to their advantage.[1]

They attacked as one, swarming prey when they were able.[1]


Skilled huntsmen usually carefully bred and cared for a saluqi from birth. They could be trained to respond to a decent range of calls.[1]

Because of their dark coats, saluqi did not perform well if they spent too much time under the fierce rays of the sun. During the day they were kept in shaded areas until they were needed.[1]


Whether they were capturing small game, or flushing larger animals out into the open, saluqi excelled at hunting. Because there were so few of them found in the Haunted Lands, the impact the saluqi had on local ecosystems was minimal. Wild packs of saluqi existed, but they were extremely rare since they jann neutered any stray saluqi they came across.[1]

Jungle HoundsEdit

These canines, bred by the jungle giants of Kadar and Nog, were similar to regular saluqi, but were better equipped to hunt via smell than sight. It was said they could track prey by following a week-old trail.[1]

These hounds were smaller than saluqi and their dark fur was complimented with orange and yellow patches.[1]



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